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The Seventh-day Adventist Church desires through all of its educational programs to help prepare the youth for effective citizenship on this earth and for a rewarding citizenship in the New Earth.

The educational program of the church gives primary emphasis to character building and to the spiritual foundation in the life of its children and youth. Moreover, it makes abundant provision for the acquisition and interpretation of that which is appropriate from the store of secular knowledge and skills for mental, social, vocational, and physical development.

PEP RALLY-Prayer Connections
Our first PEP (People Empowered through Prayer) Rally is scheduled for Tuesday, September 30 at 5:30 in the school library.
Please join us to pray for our students' prayer requests, our church, hospital and school.

Fall Celebration Field Trip
The GAA grades K/2 (Shaw Center) students will be going to the Dyer/Emde Farm on Wednesday, October 1st. Students will depart around 9:00am and return by dismissal time. Permission slips must be returned by Tuesday morning. Students must pack a ready-to-eat sack lunch. No microwaves will be available.

School Portrait Days (DATE CHANGED)
Due to the photographer’s illness, our school portrait days which were scheduled for Thursday, 9/25 & Friday, 9/26 have been changed to Thursday, October 23rd for grades 3-12 and November 12th for grades K/2 and their siblings and for make-ups.
The portrait studio associates will be here to present the portrait packages on Friday, November 21st.

Shield The Vulnerable
All current church/school employees and volunteers who work with our children/youth are required to participate in the Shield the Vulnerable screening program. Please help us keep your children safe. It's no cost to you and you will have the assurance knowing that your child is in a safe school environment.
Click here for directions.
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▪ Just a reminder that there is NO GAA parking allowed in the Takoma Hospital’s Volunteer Center parking area during business hours. This parking area is for their employees and patients. Please do not park in their parking lot.
▪ The GAA school parking areas include:
  1. The playground area against the fence in front of the Shaw Center before and after school
  2. The right lane (as you’re going up) of the curved driveway during school hours.
▪ Please-Do not park in the parking spots usually occupied by the faculty.
▪ Please-Do not double-park and block in the faculty vehicles.
▪ Please-Do not block our neighbor Mrs. Reeves’ driveway (the areas that say “Do Not Block”)
▪ Please-Do not block the trash bin access for the truck.
▪ Please-Do not leave your vehicle unattended when you are in the drop-off/pick-up lane before 8:00 am and after school 3:00pm.


Shirt orders have arrived. If you would like to order additional shirts or other products, you may go to the Spirit and Pride website and order. www.spiritandpride.com
Be sure to use our school id # 112679



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Welcome Greeneville Adventist Academy students to another exciting year!!

May the Lord bless you and your efforts throughout this new school year!! I'm looking forward to His leading. ~ Mr. N


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